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Poll: After the Rotation, What Should the Twins' Priority Be This Winter?

We all know that finding starters is of the top priority. But what's next?

Hannah Foslien - Getty Images

In the coming weeks we'll start to talk about the coming winter. About the changes the Twins will need to make and the bigger decisions facing the team and the possible directions they may take. With a starting rotation that is desperately in need of arms there is certainly a great deal of opportunity, even if it might lessen the leverage the team may have at the trade table.

For now, let's look past our endless personnel discussions and talk about the bigger picture: after the starting rotation, what is the number one area that needs to be addressed by the front office?

Twitter responses to my posed question last night were fairly uniform: the team needs a lot of help in the middle infield. It's hard to argue.

But what do you think? We know that the rotation is going to have a lot of long, hard looks sent its way before we get to spring training. If you were the General Manager, where are you casting your eye next?