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Bullpen Coach Rick Stelmaszek Let Go

Terry Ryan has met with bullpen coach Rick Stelmaszek, who has been let go after consecutive last-place finishes.

Hannah Foslien - Getty Images

According to LEN III, the Twins have let Rick Stelmaszek go. Stelmaszek had been the bullpen coach for the Twins for the last 32 years. According to Neal:

Indications in recent weeks have been that Ryan was going to shake up the coaching staff, and this is the first move. More could be coming today, as Ryan is scheduled to meet individually with each member of the coaching staff.

As a result, this move isn't entirely unexpected. The bullpen was a weakness for the Twins over the past two seasons, although not all of the struggles can be laid at Stelmaszek's feet. The quality and talent available to him the last few years has declined.

Neal believes that Red Wings manager Gene Glenn or hitting coach Tom Brunansky could be promoted due to any shakeups coming today, although Brunansky certainly wouldn't become the bullpen coach.

Stay with us as the day goes forward. If Ryan and the Twins part ways with additional members of their coaching staff, we'll have more on it right here.