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Game Thread: Athletics at Tigers, Reds at Giants

Let's watch some playoff baseball!

Brad Penner-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The Twins aren't in the post-season, but playoff baseball is beautiful in its own right. If you're watching tonight, join us right here. Here are tonight's lineups!

Athletics Pos Tigers Pos Reds Pos Giants Pos
Crisp CF Jackson CF Phillips 2B Pagan CF
Drew SS Berry LF Cozart SS Scutaro 2B
Cespedes LF Cabrera 3B Votto 1B Sandoval 3B
Moss 1B Fielder 1B Ludwick LF Posey C
Reddick RF Young DH Bruce RF Pence RF
Donaldson 3B Dirks RF Rolen 3B Belt 1B
Smith DH Peralta 3B Hanigan C Blanco LF
Norris C Avila C Stubbs CF Crawford SS
Pennington 2B Infante SS Cueto C Cain P
Parker P Verlander P

My picks tonight: the Tigers (I'll say 5-2) and the Giants (3-2). Who do you like?