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New Marlins Manager Redmond: Focus Will Be On Pitching, Defense, Near-Constant Nudity

The Miami Marlins named former Twin Mike Redmond their new manager on Thursday. He says the team will get back to basics and focus on the fundamentals and pantslessness.

Jared Wickerham

In his first public appearance as the new Miami Marlins manager, former Twin Mike Redmond said the team will be "getting back to basics from day one: pitching, defense, and near-constant nudity."

Redmond, who was clothed throughout his introductory press conference at Marlins Park, was clearly thrilled with the opportunity to be a big league manager, and said he was looking forward to guiding the team with whom he broke into the majors in 1998.

"This is where it all started for me. Learning the ropes, calling games, pantslessness, it all began here."

The longtime MLB catcher, known for his humor, hustle and taking naked batting practice, said his priority was to teach the Marlins' young players the fundamentals of the game. "A lot of these kids, they think once they're in the show, they don't need to move a runner over, or they forget how to hit the cutoff. That won't happen on my watch. Also, if you ain't out there shagging flies in the altogether, maybe you ain't starting that day. It's that simple."

Redmond was also clear on what he wanted out of his pitching staff in 2013. "We're not gonna get cute. We're gonna throw strikes, we're gonna move guys off the plate, and there's gonna be some peen out there in the bullpen."

The new manager was asked how his approach would be different from the fiery Ozzie Guillen, who lasted just one season with Miami. "I have all the respect in the world for Ozzie," said Redmond. "Things just didn't work for him here. Talking to some of the guys, not a one of them took BP with a helmet, a jock and a smile. You want to get loose at the plate, it helps to have those cheeks hanging out there in the breeze. Bring that approach to the game, and now you've got something."

Redmond added that he was thrilled to be coaching in a warm weather city like Miami.

"You get all that heat and humidity, right there's a home-field advantage for you," said Redmond. "I know the park's air-conditioned, but that thickness is always there, lingering. We'll get out there running around full-on nude, air out the undercarriage, and we'll be raring to go for the first pitch. The guys on the other side, maybe they're not adjusted to it, they get a little swass-y by the 2nd or 3rd inning, and there's that mental edge you need if you're going to compete for a pennant."