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A List of Things that Rhyme with "Kent Hrbek"

There is nothing going on in Twins Territory right now. NOTHING. So, until such time as something does, here is a list of things that sort of rhyme with Kent Hrbek. I'm sorry. You did nothing to deserve this.

Hannah Foslien

  • Went Garlic
  • Spent Merkin
  • Bent Perfect
  • Rent Her Back
  • Ghent Cowlick
  • Lent Smurfect
  • Scent O'brick
  • Vent Our Bic
  • Red Auerbach
  • Meant Her, Dick
  • Tent Verdict
  • Pent Smirking
  • Winter? Check.
  • Cent Burlesque
  • Dent Circuit
  • Blintz For Beck
  • Arnold Horshack
  • Grant Prospect
  • Center Snack
  • Brent Barback
  • Larks' Tongues in Aspic
  • Kent Herbeck
  • Scant Surdyk's
  • Splinter Deck
  • Verbal Kint
  • Blend Fur, Chick
  • Glen Perkins