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Twins Sign Jeff Clement. Who is Jeff Clement?

The Twins have signed first basemen Jeff Clement to a minor-league deal. This makes us wonder: who exactly is Jeff Clement?

Christian Petersen

Here are the things that we now know about Jeff Clement.

1. Jeff Clement was supposed to be very, very good at baseball. He was drafted third in the 2005 draft - right after Justin Upton and Alex Gordon, and right before Ryan Zimmerman and Ryan Braun. At Southern Cal, he hit 46 home runs in just over 600 at-bats in his three seasons, and had an on-base percentage over .400 every year. He was also a catcher, which was why the Mariners picked him up.

2. Jeff Clement was not a minor-league bust. He was in Triple-A by the end of his first full minor-league season in 2006. He was on the Baseball America Top 100 list every year from 2006-08. He hit two home runs in a September stint with the Mariners in 2007, and had an OPS over 1.100 in 2008 at Tacoma, and that's why the Mariners called him up for most of the 2008 season.

3. Jeff Clement couldn't hit in the major leagues in 2008. He had an OPS barely over .650, which while better than your average Butera, isn't that much better. He also struck out once every game.

4. In 2009, Jeff Clement couldn't make the Mariners out of spring training as the backup catcher; he was supposed to be a power hitter, but hit no home runs and three doubles and .268 in the spring, and ended up back at Tacoma. Manager Don Wakamatsu said that Clement, who was still only 25, just needed "more maturity."

5. Jeff Clement was mature enough to hit 14 homers in 92 games for Tacoma that year. Seattle traded him anyway, midseason, to the Pirates, along with four other guys, to get Jack Wilson and Ian Snell in one of Pittsburgh's regular fire sales.

6. In spring training in 2010, Jeff Clement won the job as the Pirates' regular first baseman.

7. By mid-May, Jeff Clement was the Pirates' occasional first baseman, because he was batting .175.

8. The Pirates sent Jeff Clement back to the minor leagues in June, because he was batting .189.

9. By mid-August, Jeff Clement was out for the season with left knee problems.

10. In November, the Pirates outrighted Jeff Clement off the 40-man roster.

11. 2010 was not the best year of Jeff Clement's life.

12. Jeff Clement spent, apart from a September cameo last year, the entirety of 2011 and 2012 with Triple-A Indianapolis in the Pirates system.

13. Jeff Clement hit .276 / .340 / .486, with 16 home runs, in AAA ball last year. In the major leagues, he hit .136 / .208 / .182 with no home runs.

14. The numbers in #13 seem to more or less sum up Jeff Clement's professional baseball career.

15. Jeff Clement bats left-handed and plays first base.

16. Jeff Clement will probably play mostly at Triple-A this year.

17. Jeff Clement is this year's version of Sean Burroughs, except without the devastating personal backstory, and is also about five or six years younger.

18. This is probably all we need to know about Jeff Clement.