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Minnesota Twins 2013 Prospect Vote: Round 1

It's time to vote for the top prospect in the Twins' farm system.

Hannah Foslien

Welcome to the first round of this year's Twinkie Town community vote for the top prospects in the Twins organization! Since the inception of this idea a few years ago it's been run by the esteemed Roger. His shoes are big ones to fill, but we will carry on. With that in mind, this year's voting system will be slightly different!

First, we may not go to 50 prospects. That gets to be a bit deep into the system for even the most interested minor league fans. How deep will we go? I imagine 25 or 30, but we'll see where participation takes us.

Second, while I will certainly look into dropping a player off the current ballot should they receive a low vote total, this won't be guaranteed. This rule may be followed more closely in the later rounds.

Finally, when we present our ballots (they'll be spread out between now and spring training), we'll give you some basic information on each player so you can make a relatively informed decision without having to visit another website. Of course we still welcome you to do so, but we'll certainly endeavor to give you the basics.

With that - here are our contenders for the number one prospect in the Minnesota Twins organization!

Miguel Sano, 3B
2013 Age: 20
2012 Top Level: Beloit, Full Season (A)

Sano's raw power leaves him atop every single Twins prospect list for next season that I've seen to date. He's a special player.

Byron Buxton, CF
2013 Age: 19
2012 Top Level: Elizabethton, 87 PA (Rookie)

Buxton's slower start in the Gulf Coast League picked up as he saw more action, and by all accounts continues to be the most athletically gifted player in the system. A lot of this is obviously based on perceived upside, but it's hard to hold that against him when that's exactly what these votes are about.

Oswaldo Arcia, RF
2013 Age: 22
2012 Top Level: New Britain, 299 PA (Double-A)

Say what you will about Sano's special talents and Buxton's tools and potential, but among these top three it's Arcia with the longest track record that more than holds its own. He's the outfielder, he's the hitter, that's the closest to being ready in the entire system who is capable of dragging star power in his wake.

There are your Top 3, Twinkie Town faithful. Who's your top prospect?