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Twins outright Deduno, Baker hits open market

The Twins took Samuel Deduno off the 40-man roster, and though he is now a free agent, he may re-sign a minor-league deal with the team. And speaking of re-signing, Scott Baker - despite mutual interest - now may negotiate with any team.

Dave Reginek

Friday, the Twins announced another in a series of roster moves, outrighting starting pitcher Samuel Deduno to Triple-A. The right-hander has the option of either accepting a place at Rochester or becoming a free agent, though according to Joe Christensen at the Star Tribune, he's leaning towards the former.

Deduno had some success in his first extended stay in the big leagues, going 6-5 with a 4.44 ERA in 15 starts (which qualifies as "success" on the Twins staff in 2012). That said, he also appeared to have more or less no idea where the ball was going after it left his hand - he walked 53 hitters in 79 innings, and hit an additional five batters.

You can understand him potentially re-signing a minor-league contract, however. Given Minnesota's patchwork rotation, if he pitches well enough at Rochester, he's certainly likely to get another chance in the big leagues. He also turns 30 years old next season, and may not get a better chance in another organization, either.

Meanwhile, despite evident interest from both parties, the Twins have yet to re-sign Scott Baker, who will thus become a free agent today. Presumably Baker, who will likely be signing a short-term, make-good deal this year, wanted to see if there was another team out there who would offer him more money - or, for that matter, longer terms.