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The Morning After: Span, Meyer, McCarthy, Winter Meetings

In the wake of the Twins first major move of the off-season, it sounds like this was only the beginning.

Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

Regularly scheduled Friday foolishness from yours truly will run around noon Central. Here is some morning Span/Meyer/Winter Meetings fallout:

  • My first thought upon hearing about the move, and I know I wasn't alone in this, is that the Twins moving their best trade chip for a prospect meant they had decided to fold on 2013 and start over. Per Twins assistant GM Rob Antony, this isn't the case. In an interview with 1500ESPN's Phil Mackey, Antony said the team would be "aggressive" at the winter meetings and focus on talking to agents, rather than clubs. This represents a marked shift from Terry Ryan's earlier claim that the Twins were looking to rebuild the pitching staff through trades.
  • Twins Daily's Parker Hageman takes a look at Alex Meyer and sees something that we haven't seen around these parts in awhile: someone who misses bats, frequently. Discussion of arm slots and a couple of sexy, sexy bullpen sesh GIFs are also there, if you're into that kind of thing.
  • In his story on the transaction for the Strib, LEN3 notes that a source has confirmed that the Twins will talk with the agents for Athletics pitcher/Twitter champion Brandon McCarthy in Nashville.
  • SB Nation's Rob Neyer praises the Nationals for making the move, and says Meyer was probably the best pitching prospect in the Washington system.

Now that you've had a night to process the move, whaddya all think?