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Just Another BW Contest -- All Time Twins Strikeout Rates (Hitters)

A contest focusing on which Twins hitters were in the top 10 in strikeout frequency all-time.

I'm Terry Ryan, and I approve this message
I'm Terry Ryan, and I approve this message

At times real life can get in the way. Today is one of those days.

We've reached peak season at work -- my day job is in the shipping industry -- so today we'll have another one of our little contests. Though today, as a measure of good faith in all of our loyal readers, I'll put up a prize. (prize: TBD) So please don't cheat. The only 'looking up' you are permitted is on BRef to see how many PA a player had with a team. Sound fair?

Today I want to look at strikeouts. Specifically, hitter strikeouts. More specifically, the frequency.

So today's top-20 list is among Twins all-time with over 1,000 PA and how frequently they struck out. Same rules apply as past contests, and I'll do my best to keep up during the day.

Don't forget, you're not permitted to have consecutive guesses -- someone else must guess before you can again -- and the earliest time stamp wins. You must guess player AND position in the top 10. The stats are only while with the Twins, and do not include any Senators numbers. There are 98 players in Twins history with 1000 PA; we are looking to figure out about 20 percent of those here. Teaser: Remember the eras in which the Twins played. Also, there's a fair chance this is the toughest contest we've had yet.

1. Jim Kaat (26.6 percent) - JPKK

2. Tim Laudner (24.4 percent) (80s) - JPKK

3. __________ (24.0 percent) (90s)

4. Pedro Munoz (22.7 percent) (90s) - JPKK

5. __________ (22.7 percent) (70s)

6. __________ (22.3 percent) (60s-70s)

7. __________ (22.2 percent) (90s)

8. Matthew LeCroy (21.6 percent) (2000s) - JPKK

9. __________ (20.0 percent) (2000s)

10. __________ (19.9 percent) (2000s)

11. Jacque Jones (19.5 percent) (2000s)

12. Marty Cordova (19.0 percent) (1990s) - carlpavanosmustache

13. __________ (18.7 percent) (2000s)

14. Jason Kubel (18.7 percent) (2000s-2010s) - AM

15. __________ (18.7 percent) (1990s)

16. Greg Gagne (18.3 percent) (1980s) - AM

17. __________ (18.1 percent) (1960s)

18. Torii Hunter (17.8 percent) (2000s) - carlpavanosmustache

19. Michael Cuddyer (17.7 percent) (2000s-2010s) - AM

20. Larry Hisle (17.3 percent) (1970s) - carlpavanosmustache