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Jerry Crasnick: Twins Targeting Blanton, Correia, Pelfrey, Padilla

He says it himself: "...the Twins are in on just about every other free agent with a résumé and pulse."

Jared Wickerham

In addition to names we've heard before, including Brett Myers and John Lannan, Crasnick's article at ESPN mentions four other names that we haven't specifically mentioned yet today.

Joe Blanton: A free agent who can eat innings. He's 32 in December, but other than his injury-riddled 2011 was almost a sure bet to throw 190 innings every year since 2005. Hittable at times, but low walk rates help mitigate base runners.

Kevin Correia: Ground ball rates would be a good thing for a solid defensive infield, at least by last year's balls-in-play percentage (51.2%), but overall there hasn't been anything to make you say "this guy would truly help my rotation" since 2009. Unless, of course, you're the Twins and JUST NEED SOMEONE TO PITCH.

Mike Pelfrey: Non-tendered by the Mets, Pelfrey's stock with the Mets crashed and burned over the last couple of years. His walk-to-strikeout ratio is terrible, even if some of his other peripherals aren't as terrifying. Yet his career FIP is just 4.20, xFIP 4.50, so there are certainly worse choices on the market. If the Twins want Pelfrey, not many other teams will so they should get him for a song.

Vincente Padilla: Crasnick says the Twins are wary about his makeup (is that why he looks like he's constantly sweating?), but like that he can start or relieve. He did post fantastic strikeout rates in 50 innings of relief for the Red Sox last year (23.4% of batters down on strikes). I'd rather not see him start, but for the right price I wouldn't mind him out of the 'pen.