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Twins Winter Meetings Rumors: Shaun Marcum Link!

We already knew that the Twins liked Marcum. Will it come to anything?


According to Jon Morosi of Fox Sports, the Twins have "checked in" on Shaun Marcum.

This isn't news by this point. We know that the Twins are "checking in" on pretty much any pitcher with a pulse. We'll see how that turns out in the long run, but the good news is that Marcum is the kind of pitcher on which they should be keeping close tabs. He isn't a top-flight starter but posts good numbers, but sometimes his track record of injuries gets too much for certain suitors.

Rotoworld believes that Marcum is likely to sign a two-year contract. Although this seems unlikely to me, we have seen teams exhibit a bit more trepidation with pitchers with a history of injury. Still, even if he's willing to sign for two years it's quite likely he'll want to make up for it in the dollars side of the equation.

Three years and $30 million doesn't seem outrageous to me if the Twins wanted to go that far.