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Jack Hannahan Likes the Twins but Likely Headed Elsewhere

If the Twins want someone else to play at third base, it doesn't sound like it's Jack Hannahan.

Jason Miller

Historically, Jack Hannahan has been a plus defender at third base. This wasn't the case in 2012, but for a guy who will be 32 this season it's probably still a guarantee that he would be a better defender at the hot corner than Trevor Plouffe.

It sounds like Hannahan, according to Darren Wolfson, had interest in coming to the Twins. But the feeling wasn't mutual.

It's not really a make-or-break issue, but in a market where players aren't exactly teeming over each other to play for the Twins then you have to hope that whoever the organization has in mind to help out at third base is a better player than the former Tiger, Athletic, Mariner, Red Sock, and Indian.