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Twins Trade Rumors: Phillies Interested in Ben Revere?

Multiple sources have tabbed Ben Revere in the last 12 hours. Is there something brewing?

Marilyn Indahl

Triangulating information from multiple sources, it seems as though the likelihood of Ben Revere being traded could be on the rise. It doesn't seem like a traditional Twins move, as keeping Revere would certainly be the safer option, but if they're entertaining options then as long as there's value in a potential return then you need to give them credit for doing what's necessary to build a solid foundation for this team in the future.

Last last night, Danny Knobler of CBS Sports tagged Revere as a potential outfield target for the Phillies:

Revere isn't exactly the same player as Granderson, as he hasn't hit a single home run in more than 1,000 major-league at-bats. But he can play center field, and the Twins are willing to trade him for young pitching (even after already trading Denard Span this winter).

Beat reporter for the Philly's, Todd Zolecki, fired this tweet through the internet not too long ago:

Finally, over at the Strib LEN III posted his morning update a few hours ago. He also references Revere and the Phillies, noting that one person he spoke to thought the Twins had their center field answer already in-house for 2013:

There was so much stuff flying around the lobby last night that one person even speculated that the Twins would be willing to give Aaron Hicks his shot in center if they could get the right deal involving Revere (that made Hicks' representatives excited). Again, the usual verification policies are being ignored here.

Twins execs were obviously working late last night, and considering they called their PR person back from the airport last night it's safe to say they felt something could be starting to materialize.