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CHOOSE YOUR OWN STORYLINE: Justin Morneau Is (Ready to Tear It Up/One Step From a Hospice)

From this morning's first look at Justin Morneau:

Justin Morneau in the house, happy and excited after taking BP in cage. Will do full workout.

John Shipley, Pioneer Press

Morneau just spoke. Looks skinny, sounds worried. Not good signs.


After listening to Morneau, I think he knows the end is near, and wants to give it one more try.

Jim Souhan, Star-Tribune

If you're confused, you're not alone. (UPDATE: please read LEN3's take along with Phil Mackey's. Sounds like Morneau has accepted the reality that he's one wild pitch, awkward fall or bad hop away from being a former baseball player. Which is nothing we didn't already know, but still bracing to hear from the person in question.)

We will check back in with some Gardy/Punto nonsense around the lunch hour, but wanted to get this up since it's probably going to be all we talk about for a couple days here.