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Joel Zumaya to get Arm Checked Out

Update #2: LEN III has posted his information, which includes the fact that it was the inside of Zumaya's elbow which was the source of this morning's issue. Terry Ryan confirms what we've already heard: MRI and results tomorrow. We may not get anything further on this today.

Update: Per Rhett Bollinger's twitter update, Zumaya will have an MRI on his arm tomorrow. Terry Ryan will speak with the media around 12:30pm central.

In the "any news is still news" category, it sounds like Joel Zumaya felt "something" in his arm. Nobody has said anything at this point, whether it's serious or not, exactly what's happening - but this tweet did come through from Jon Heyman in the last hour.


Rhett Bollinger says it may have been Zumaya's elbow.

Zumaya's levels of frustration with his arm have to be at an all-time high. He's still young, but considering his track record there's a chance that this opportunity with the Twins might be his last. There's no doubt he wants to pitch, and he wants to be healthy, and he wants to be effective, so hopefully this is nothing more than a precaution.

The Twins, in the scenario where Zumaya is unable to pitch, do not have another proven reliever in camp outside of Matt Capps and Glen Perkins. In this case, Zumaya's injury could open the door for a pitcher like Jason Bulger.

We'll recap anything of importance right here.