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Who to Follow for Live Twins Spring Training Updates

People use Twitter for one of three reasons. They either use it to A) follow something specific, like baseball, B) tell their followers what they're doing any second of the day and share random nonsense, or C) confuse themselves and others, eventually just not using it at all. If you follow Twinkie Town on Twitter, you know that we're there for a specific purpose (even if we do occasionally get distracted): baseball.

Unfortunately we don't have anyone down in Florida covering Spring Training 2012. But that doesn't mean there aren't resources available for you to glean your on-the-spot Twins fix.

Phil Mackey: You can hear him on 1500 ESPN. One of my favorites. Posted an article this morning on Justin Morneau.

Rhett Bollinger: Twins beat reporter for Got a shot of Josh Willingham taking BP this morning.

LEN III: La Velle, along with Joe Christensen, covers the Twins for the Star Tribune.

John Shipley: Covers the Twins for the Pioneer Press, churning out content daily. Today that included two posts on Danny Valencia.

If you follow these four guys you'll get all of the first-hand quotes, pictures and videos right away. After that, of course, you can come back to us for commentary, analysis and discussion.