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Twins 2012 PECOTA Comps via Baseball Prospectus

This is a fun time of year for nerdy baseball people. Fantasy baseball drafts start entering the watercooler conversations, speculation on the upcoming season is rampant, and the oracles of the baseball universe begin to unveil their fortunes for the coming season. Baseball Prospectus has unveiled their predictions for the 2012 season, and with them have listed player comparibles.

Here are a few of the more fun comps.

Joe Mauer: Mike Sweeney, Victor Martinez
Denard Span: Sam Fuld, Johnny Damon
Josh Willingham: Bob Allison
Justin Morneau: Paul Konerko, Eddie Murray, Kent Hrbek
Joe Benson: B.J. Upton, Grady Sizemore
Trevor Plouffe: Jeff Blauser, Cal Ripken Jr., Stephen Drew
Tsuyoshi Nishioka: Adam Everett, Jason Bartlett
Pedro Florimon Jr: Miguel Tejada
Eddie Rosario: Justin Upton
Miguel Sano: Robin Yount
Aaron Hicks: Grady Sizemore (again)
Max Kepler: Robin Yount (again)
Carl Pavano: Brett Saberhagen (that's for you, Bobomojo)
Jason Bulger: Brad Lidge, Lee Smith, Troy Percival
Scott Baker: Javier Vasquez
Glen Perkins: John Smiley
Anthony Slama: Jose Valverde
Terry Doyle: Brett Tomko
Manuel Soliman: Edwin Jackson

Check out the spreadsheet for the rest, but I advise you to stay away from the actual predictions themselves. They aren't pretty, friends.