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Saturday Morning Breakfast & Baseball: TV Broadcaster Rankings, MLB Fan Cave, Perkins, More Drug Tests, Dangerous Towels

Today we kick off with a tweet from TwinsCentric co-founder Parker Hageman, accompanied with a picture. Parker says, "It appears that @TPlouffe24 is adapting well to his new outfield position." You may now view the picture.

  • I forgot to mention this last week, but over at FanGraphs, Carson Cistulli had readers vote on 31 TV broadcast teams in MLB (the Dodgers have separate home and away broadcasters). I think we all will be pleased to see who finished dead last, and I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of votes for them came from people that don't even watch their broadcasts. Yes, I'm trying very hard to avoid spoiling which team this is. The Twins ended up 14th, which I disagree with simply because Dick 'n' Bert drove me nuts last year. Actually, it was mostly Bert with his daily "keeping the ball down" and "create a good downward plane" pitching tips. It did sound like the Twins had a big difference between their "Charisma" and "Analysis" rankings, though, so it does appear as though other Twins fans agree with me that Dick 'n' Bert don't do much to teach you the game of baseball. If you want to see the other rankins, here's #30-21 and #10-1.
  • By the way, Carson of FanGraphs has announced that there will be radio broadcast ratings coming soon. He's using the broadcast teams from last year, so for the Twins this means it will be John Gordon and Dan Gladden. Acknowledging that a lot of teams changed from last season to this year, he will do another survey in-season for the new teams. In the Twins' case, that will mean Cory Provus replacing John Gordon.
  • It was briefly mentioned on Twinkie Town already, but appears as though Lindsay Guentzel, our Twins representative for the MLB Fan Cave, will be blasting this for the next couple weeks. Congratulations on making it into the Fan Cave, Lindsay! Unfortunately, there is a Yankee fan that made it in as well (and he's more than 10 years older than some other Fan Cave dwellers!), but I suppose the Fan Cave is located in New York City, and there's no way that anyone would want a Mets fan to be representing NYC in there. Also, there's no Rays/Yankees double-fan there, so that's a plus.
  • I won't go into much more detail because Jesse already took care of it (and Stu threw in his thoughts as well) but Glen Perkins signed a contract extension (or it was announced) on Thursday. Should he become the team's closer if Matt Capps falters, because he's locked into a salary for the next three or more years? From a cost perspective, yes. But if the Twins continue to refuse to legitimately upgrade the bullpen via free agency, it might be a good thing if Perk stays a set-up, "relief ace"-type pitcher.
  • The saga of Jose Canseco continues. He was attempting to play in the Mexican League at age 47, and he failed his drug test, only because he refused to take one. Adding to the hilarity of the situation is that Canseco is now arguing that he's not guilty, because you see, he never actually failed the test! Jose, you refused to take the test because you knew you were going to fail it. Good luck arguing chain of custody if you didn't even take the test, buddy.
  • Today's horrible accident, courtesy of David Price. Apparently wiping your head with a towel is dangerous, as he strained a muscle in his neck from polishing his dome a little too hard. Wait, you say he's hurt himself doing this before? Man, Elvis is laughing at you, and I don't mean Rangers shortstop Elvis Andrus.

It's technically Spring Break for my family, but my youngest sister has softball practice next week so we're not traveling anywhere. Instead, we're heading down to Red Wing to see some eagles. Maybe I'll have better luck getting some pictures than the Twins will with notching extra base hits.