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Hey Guys! More Baseball! Twins vs. Rays!

First Pitch: 12:05pm CDT

Radio: 1500 ESPN
Know Thine Enemy: DRays Bay

The Twins are playing the Rays. It’ll Carl Pavano against James Shields. Who is probably the least interesting of Tampa Bay's starters. David Price was hurt by his towel, Jeff Niemann has a fun name. Matt Moore is the best pitching prospect in baseball, Jeremey Hellickson was the Rookie of The Year. If the Tampa Bay Rays starting rotation was the Bluth family, James Shields would be Annyong.

Pavano has pitched 2 games so far, totalling 5 innings, and he's given up 3 earned runs. Price hasn't given up a run in 3 innings. Shields has just thrown 2 innings of perfect baseball. Maybe he can end up with a composite perfect game this spring. That'd be cool. Right? I really wish there was more to talk about, but there really isn't.

Also: Jim Thome is playing first base today for the Phillies in preparation of playing first base while Ryan Howard is on the mend.

Line ups after the jump.

Minnesota Twins

Ben Revere CF

Brian Dozier SS

Joe Mauer DH

Chris Parmelee 1B

Ryan Doumit C

Trevor Plouffe LF

Sean Burroughs 3B

Luke Hughes 2B

Rene Tosoni RF

Span was scratched with a sore neck yesterday against the Yankees and is day to day.

Tampa Bay Rays

Desmond Jennings LF

BJ Upton CF

Ben Zobrist RF

Matt Joyce DH

Jeff Keppinger 2B

Elliott Johnson SS

Matt Mangini 1B

Chris Gimenez 3B

Jose Lobaton C

There you go guys! Have fun! GO TWINS GO!