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Twins Beat Red Sox 8-4: Offense Plays Smallball

Man. Ryan Doumit has some freaky looking eyes.
Man. Ryan Doumit has some freaky looking eyes.

I've been sitting here at my computer for 5 minutes, trying to think of a way to describe the effort put forth by Jason Marquis today. And the only phrase that came into my head, was the phrase that came into my head when the Twins signed him. "Nothing special.". No, he wasn't bad. 4 innings, 5 hits, 3 runs, 2 Ks and 2 BBs, but by no means was he spectacular. Jared Burton, Alex Burnett, Jeff Manship, Anthony Swarzak, and Kyle Waldrop all pitched fairly well, but there was nothing really to report about anything they did either. The offense really shined today. More after the jump.

The offense came out ready to hit today. Jamey Carroll had 2 hits, and save for Denard Span and Justin Morneau, every Twin with more than one plate appearance had a hit today. But, Span did have sacrifice himself to get Revere over to second, and Morneau did talk a walk today. We got doubles out of Joe Mauer, Ryan Doumit, Ben Revere (who also had an ugly bunt single), Joe Benson, Chris Parmelee, and Mitch "I've Never Heard of Me Either" Carson.



I like when the Twins win games. No matter how meaningless they may be.