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Twins and Rays! (Again!)

Today, Scott Baker makes his triumphant return to the Twins. Trumpets played with brilliancy, and beat writers thanked his mother for excusing him from Mr. Johanson's 3rd period English class. She's a wonderful lady.

Anyway! The last time the Twins faced the Rays, the lineup exploded in a major way. Runs were being given up like a New Year's Resolution to stop smoking. Lineups after the jump.


Denard Span CF

Jamey Carroll SS

Joe Mauer C

Justin Morneau DH

Willingham LF

Doumit RF

Valencia 3B

Chris Parmelee 1B

Alexi Casilla 2B

Scott Baker P


Ben Zobrist RF

Luke Scott DH

Evan Longoria 3B

Carlos Pena 1B

Jeff Keppinger 2B

Jose Molina C

Elliott Johnson SS

Will Rhymes LF

Jesus Feliciano CF

Jeff Neimann P

The game starts at 12:05 PM. Go Twins!