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Baker Gets Burned. Doumit Hits A Dinger.

This game started out as a fun one for Rays fans as Moon Shot Scott or Rocket Bats made a start for the Twins, and gave up a 2 out grand slam to Ben Zobrist. Baseball player. Things got better as Ryan Doumit hit a solo shot in the inning to make it a 4-1 game.

But, hey. At least Baker pitched, and it seems like this is being chalked up to rust as this is the first time Baker has pitched since March 6th. So, good for him.

Other things of note after the jump.

Morneau seems to be getting his timing back as he hit a double today. Jamey Carroll flashed some power today, and hit a double, which for him, is essentially a display Killebrewesque strength. Chris Parmelee made another start today. I'd bet you a nickel that he'll break camp with the team.

Apart from the grand slam surrendered to Zobrist, Baker didn't look great today in his 2.2 innings of work, but considering he's 2 weeks behind everyone else, I think he'll be just fine.

There isn't a whole lot of positives to talk about when your team loses by 6 runs, so I'll close with this: Liam Hendriks walked 3 men today in 4 innings. In 49.1 innings last year in Rochester, he walked 3. Good night everyone.