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Twins vs. Pirates - The Roster's Not Fully Set, But...

While I'm pleased to see that Drew Butera is no longer in the running to be the Twins' third catcher, neither is J.R. Towles. Same goes for all the Dark Horses (Rene Rivera, Chris Herrmann, even the limestone backstop). Thus, the Battle for Squatter's Rights is no more. Just like watching TV with your trigger-happy father who can't stay on the same channel for more than a couple minutes, nobody wins.

Just about everything is set for the roster, except for the backup infielder (will Sean Burroughs make the team?), one bullpen spot (who joins Jared Burton and Matt Maloney? Sure won't be Kyle Waldrop now), and maybe, just maybe the rotation will be shaken up (will Scott Baker and Jason Marquis be ready for the season?).

First pitch is 12:05 CT. Anthony Swarzak, one of the pitchers now looking to benefit from Marquis and Baker's uncertainty of making the staff, gets the start today. Lineups will be posted if I get them before I leave for golfing.


Span CF

Plouffe 2B

Mauer C

Morneau DH

Willingham LF

Doumit RF

Valencia 3B

Parmelee 1B

Dozier SS

Swarzak RHP.