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Battle For The Mayor's Cup, Game 2: Twins vs. Red Sox

First Pitch: 6:05 pm CT
Radio: Twins Radio Network
Know Thine Enemy: Over The Monster

Do not fear if you were unable to watch the Twins yesterday, for they are on TV. If you're unsure of where FSN+ is located among your 700 channels like I am, you can check here. The wind in Florida has been a factor for these first few days of spring training games, and let's see if it contributes any more today.


CF Denard Span
2B Tsuyoshi Nishioka
C Joe Mauer
1B Justin Morneau
RF Josh Willingham
LF Ryan Doumit
DH Luke Hughes
SS Brian Dozier
3B Mike Hollimon

SP Jason Marquis

Other hitters that may drop the barrel of the bat: Drew Butera, Rene Rivera, Brian Dinkelman, Trevor Plouffe, Ben Revere, Rene Tosoni, Aaron Bates

Other pitchers scheduled to create a good downward plane: Liam Hendriks, Jeff Manship, Jeff Gray, Carlos Gutierrez, Tyler Robertson, Brendan Wise, Deolis Guerra

Red Sox

SS Jose Iglesias
RF Ryan Sweeney
3B Kevin Youkilis
1B David Ortiz (LOL WUT)
DH Darnell McDonald
LF Josh Kroeger
C Kelly Shoppach
2B Nick Punto
CF Jason Repko

SP Clay Buchholz

Keep an eye on Brian Dozier tonight. The BullDozier is playing shortstop tonight, so we'll have a better idea of whether <, >, or = belongs in this blank after tonight's game: Brian Dozier at SS _____ Miguel Cabrera at 3B

Another thing to watch is Ryan Doumit in left field. He's never played as much of a single inning there in his major league career (right field is his only experience in the outfield) so after today, we could probably also fill in this blank (again with <, >, or =): Ryan Doumit in LF _____ Tsuyoshi Nishioka doing anything baseball-related

Oh, there's also David Ortiz at 1B, Nick Punto, and Jason Repko on the Red Sox side tonight. A game full of former Twins and players out of position should make this an entertaining game.