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Rays @ Twins

First Pitch: 12:05pm CDT
TV: Nope!
Radio: 1500 ESPN
Know Thine Enemy: DRays Bay

We're off to another early start this afternoon! I love daytime baseball. I just do. Here's what I have for you today...


Jennings, LF
Johnson, 2B
Rodriguez, SS
Pena, 1B
Gimenez, 3B
Coon, RF
Vogt, C
Feliciano, CF
Ashley, DH

Pitching: Archer, Torra, Sanchez, Augenstein, Bush, Orta


Span, CF
Plouffe, LF
Mauer, C
Morneau, 1B
Willingham, DH
Valencia, 3B
Doumit, RF
Dozier, SS
Chang, 2B

Pitching: Liriano, Diamond, Guerra, Gutierrez, Hendriks, Manship, Robertson, Wise, Thompson