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Twins Extend Glen Perkins: 3 years, $10.3 Million

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Seemingly out of nowhere, the Minnesota Twins have signed Glen Perkins to a three-year, $10.3 million dollar extension. Since he's already under contract for 2012, this means his new deal runs through 2015. There is also an option for 2016.

The extension also includes incentives for games finished, which covers Perkins should he eventually move into the closer's role. At this time the details of those incentives are unavailable.

Joe Christensen's article has a number of quotes from Assistant General Manager Rob Antony, but here's the closing line:

"[Perkins] had a breakout year last year, but we have a lot of confidence in him because of the person he’s evolved into. He’s become a bit of a leader in that clubhouse, and a guy that I think we can depend on."

More details as they become available.