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Game 7: Rangers @ Twins

First Pitch: 7:10 pm CT
Radio: 1500 ESPN
Know Thine Enemy: Lone Star Ball

You know what's cooler than a 2-game winning streak? A 3-game winning streak.

Anthony Swarzak

#51 / Pitcher / Minnesota Twins





Sep 10, 1985

That is...not the most complimentary action photo I've seen. Still, he had a halfway-decent emergency start last Sunday, so he's basically the staff ace right now.

Matt Harrison

#54 / Pitcher / Texas Rangers





Sep 16, 1985

Harrison's hometown of Creedmoor, North Carolina, is known far and wide as the Mule Capital of the World. If you're attending the game tonight, maybe chat him up about that. He'll probably give you an autographed mule. Only accept it if you're prepared to care for it, people. Mules are hard goddamn work.

Lineups (courtesy Joe C.):


1. Ian Kinsler, 2B
2. Elvis Andrus, SS
3. Josh Hamilton, CF
4. Adrian Beltre, 3B
5. Michael Young, DH
6. Nelson Cruz, RF
7. David Murphy, LF
8. Mike Napoli, C
9. Mitch Moreland, 1B


1. Denard Span, CF
2. Jamey Carroll, SS
3. Joe Mauer, 1B
4. Justin Morneau, DH
5. Josh Willingham, LF
6. Ryan Doumit, C
7. Danny Valencia, 3B
8. Trevor Plouffe, RF
9. Luke Hughes, 2B


  • Some serious lineup shuffling, as you can see. A noticeable offensive tilt to this one (Plouffe and Hughes batting 8 and 9?).
    I assume the same is true in downtown Minneapolis, but it is very gusty up here in Stearns County. I also see Willingham in left and Plouffe in right. Adventure Time!