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Twins 6, Yankees 5: It Happened Again!

BOOM. x2!
BOOM. x2!

So, the very worst the Twins can do in New York during this trip is split the series. That hasn't happened since 2001. Yeah, it's kind of a big deal, especially for Twins fans that have suffered that many years...

Jason Marquis pitched five innings, giving up 7 hits, 4 earned runs, 2 walks, and striking out 3. Not great, but it kept the Twins in the game after the offense struck early. The bullpen came in to seal the deal (not without a little Matt Capps drama in the 9th, of course), and for the first time in over ten years, the Twins leave New York City with at least a series split. Celebrate, Twins fans.

More information after the jump, as usual.

The offense was the real story tonight for Minnesota, as Justin Morneau came up huge for the team. Morneau went 3-for-4, with 2 home runs, a walk, and 3 RBI. Not a bad night for the Crushin' Canadian. Josh Willingham, whose only hit came late in the game, continued his hitting streak, bringing the streak to 12 games now. Chris Parmelee went 2-for-4 with a double and a walk, and Alexi Casilla went 3-for-4 as well. Yeah, I know. It's crazy.

When Brian Duensing came on in relief of Jason Marquis in the 6th inning, things were a little sketchy at times, but Duensing managed to get the outs he needed and leave the Yankees scoreless. Jared Burton came on in relief of Duensing in the 7th, getting the last out, and pitching the entire 8th innings, not allowing a single Yankees hit. When Matt Capps came on in the 9th, I'm certain I heard all of Minnesota groan. Those groans would be justified as Capps allowed a Derek Jeter home run, bringing the game from 6-4 to 6-5, and after a loooong fly out from Texeira, the game was over, and the Twins were victorious once more.

-Justin Morneau. It is unbelievably good to see him crushing again. guys, so good.
-Chris Parmelee. Not a bad night for the guy.
-Alexi Casilla. Ditto.
-Duensing & Burton. Kept the Twins in the game, effectively shutting down the Yankees hitters.

-Matt Capps. ARGHHHH.
-There are probably others, but yay winning.

I just have to take a second to note how happy I am the Twins continue to win on my days. I'm sure it won't last, but it's really very kind of them.