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The Minnesota Twins versus The Tampa Bay Rays. Or: Am I Stuck In A Bill Murray in "Groundhog Day" Type Situation.

Sean Burroughs. Feel good story of the year.
Sean Burroughs. Feel good story of the year.

Today and tomorrow, our Minnesota Twins, will be meeting up with the Tampa Bay Rays for what feels like the 40th time this Spring. Do we play the Rays this many times every year? Or does it seem like a lot to me because I've written like 4 of the game threads? Either way, the Twins are scoring runs in bunches. It's a trend that I think will continue today. I expect no less than 18 runs from the Twins today. Anything less will, of course be blamed on Joe Mauer, who isn't playing today. I suspect because Gardy is trying to get Doumit sometime behind the plate, and Morneau is DHing again. If there was anything to worry about, somebody would've fired it through Twitter already. Lineups after the jump.


Span CF

Carroll SS

Doumit C

Morneau DH

Willingham LF

Burroughs 1B

Valencia 3B

Hughes 2B

Lance Ray RF

Liriano P

The full bullpen is available today.


Jennings CF

Scott DH

Longoria 3B

Zobrist RF

Pena 1B

Keppinger 2B

Molina C

Salazar LF

Rodriguez SS

Price P

Today's game is at 12:05 in Port Charlotte. The game is on the radio. 1500 ESPN. No television.