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Game 17: Twins (5-11) Battle Red Sox (4-10), Marquis Makes Target Field Debut

First Pitch: 7:10 PM
TV: Fox Sports North
Radio: 1500 ESPN
Know Thine Enemy: Over The Monster

Just a few nuggets of Twins related information before we start tonight’s game thread.

  • Fransisco Liriano will skip his next start and will focus on throwing bullpens to clear his head.
  • Josh Willingham will be gone for a few days starting Wednesday for paternity leave.
  • Alexi Casilla was scratched from the lineup due to flu like symptoms.

Okay! On to the game thread. Today, the Twins take on the Red Sox in Target Field. Jason Marquis makes his home debut. He will be doing battle with Jon Lester.

The Twins have gotten off to the kind of start that talking heads have expected, at 5-11. They did just come out of a decent road trip through the New York Yankees and the Tampa Bay Rays. The Red Sox, however have not gotten off to the start that the same talking heads expected, at 4-10. Are the Twins going to take advantage of a scuffling team? Or will the Red Sox use Twins pitching to get the lead out? We shall find out! Lineups after the jump!

With the Twins lineup, Plouffe and Parmelee might be switched around.


Span CF

Carroll SS

Mauer C

Willingham DH

Morneau 1B

Doumit RF

Valencia 3B

Plouffe 2B

Parmelee LF


Aviles SS

Sweeney RF

Pedroia 2B

Gonzalez 1B

Ortiz DH

Youkillis 3B

Saltalamacchia C

Ross LF

Byrd RF

Enjoy the game guys!