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Exhibition Baseball: Twins @ Miracle

First Pitch: 12:05 pm CT
Radio: Nope
TV: Nope
Know Thine Enemy: The uh...Miracle?

The Twins are taking on their own minor league team today, playing an exhibition game against the Fort Myers Miracle at Lee Hammond Stadium. Not only will you see some current Twins stars today, you'll also get to see some future Twins stars (hopefully...). And keep in mind, only two days until Opening Day, National Holiday (TM)!

Your lineups and other fun things after the jump...


Daniel Santana, 2B
Jairo Perez, 3B
Oswaldo Arcia, RF
Dan Rohlfing, C
Lance Ray, LF
Angel Morales, CF
Danny Rams, DH
Michael Gonzalez, 1B
Levi Michael, SS

Marty Popham, RHP

Denard Span, CF
Alexi Casilla, 2B
Joe Mauer, 1B
Justin Morneau, DH
Josh Willingham, LF
Ryan Doumit, C
Luke Hughes, 3B
Trevor Plouffe, SS
Ben Revere, RF

Nick Blackburn, RHP

Twins News:

-Jason Marquis will not be starting the season with the Twins, as he's missed a couple weeks to care for his injured daughter. The good news is, she's apparently doing better.
-Danny Valencia's mom thinks Gardy might be pulling a little tough love move on her son.

Enjoy the game, folks. Real baseball in just a couple days!