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Josh is Willing (Ham)

Josh Willlingham hit his team leading second home run of the season today, and Jamey Carroll did what the Twins want him to do. Walk. He walked twice today.

With 2 hits from Willingham, 2 walks from Carroll a hit from Joe Mauer, and Ryan Doumit the Twins still only managed to send 31 men to the plate, or 4 over the minimum.

Today was a pretty pitiful effort from most of the guys who were here last year. But hey! At least those new guys are putting up some numbers.

Nick Blackburn was Nick Blackburn today. Aside from the 2 walks. He managed to strike out three men, and a few of those 5 runs weren't his fault. Blame the left field defense.

The bullpen ran rough-shot right through the Angels offense, especially Glen Perkins.

Studs: Josh Willlingham, Jamey Carroll, Ryan Doumit, Glen Perkins, Matt Capps.

Duds: Everyone else.

Let's win one tomorrow guys!