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Game 35: Indians @ Twins

TV: FS North

Radio: 1500 ESPN TRN

First Pitch: 7:10 PM

Know Thine Enemy: Let's Go Tribe!

Lots of cool things going on prior to tonight’s tilt with the Cleveland Indians. Firstly, Carl Pavano is pitching through pain, as per Mackey. Pavano did have an MRI, which showed no structural damage, which is a good thing.

and perhaps more importantly, Justin Morneau is taking live BP and is apparently destroying everything. Morneau is able to come off the DL on Wednesday, if he will or not has yet to be decided. And in case you didn’t see, Trevor Plouffe shaved off his hair after the Mother’s Day game, to donate. His mother, Diane is a breast cancer survivor. Twins pitchers are also taking BP, and apparently, Rhett Bollinger is impressed with the power of Jason Marquis. I would like to see him DH sometime this year.

Lineups after the jump!


Span CF

Dozier SS

Mauer 1B

Willingham LF

Doumit DH

Plouffe 3B

Mastroianni RF

Butera C

Carroll SS

Pavano P


Choo RF

Kipnis 2B

Cabrera SS

Hafner DH

Santana C

Brantley CF

Lopez 3B

Duncan LF

Gomez P

Enjoy the game everybody!