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How Much Do the Twins Have to Spend On the 2012 Draft?

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Last Friday, Baseball America posted an interesting article which outlined baseball's new "draft budget" system. For the uninitiated, the system essentially sets a limit on how much each team should be spending on each pick they have through the first ten rounds of the draft. Each team can divvy up their allowed budget however they choose through the first ten rounds provided they stay under their allotted total, but being unable to sign a pick loses a team the allocation for that slot and, this is where it will get interesting, going over the total budget will lose the organization draft picks in the future.

The Twins have the most money to spend on their draft picks in the first ten rounds than any other team in baseball. In part this is because of the number of selections they have, but it's also because they own the second overall pick. That second pick is huge. Coming in at 14th on the overall allotted budget list is St. Louis, who have just as many Top 100 picks as the Twins but have $3.2 million less to spend because their first selection is at 19. Every other slot they have in the Top 100 is higher than Minnesota's (their second pick is higher than our second pick, their third is higher than our third, etc).

Coming in last in budget allowed is the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. They don't pick until 114 and have roughly $1.65 million to spend through their first ten rounds. I hope those free agents were worth it.

Here's what the Twins are allocated to spend through their first ten rounds.

Pick Budget
2 $6,200,000
32 $1,550,000
43 $1,227,000
63 $818,500
72 $712,600
97 $490,400
130 $356,700
160 $267,100
190 $200,000
220 $150,000
250 $140,100
280 $130,800
310 $125,000