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White Sox 11, Twins 8: Everybody Hits, Nobody Pitches, Chicago Does Slightly Better In Both

Dozier was called out at the plate, and wasn't happy about it.
Dozier was called out at the plate, and wasn't happy about it.

Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau combined for three home runs, but Cole DeVries allowed three. The Twins tagged White Sox starter Philip Humber for five runs, but Chicago tagged DeVries for six. Minnesta added three more runs against the Chicago 'pen, but the Twins' pen was touched for five.

Cole DeVries, in spite of allowing six runs in five plus innings, actually did a few things right. He only allowed a single walk, and in spite of all those home runs he only gave up six hits. Two of those six hits were the back-to-back homers that led off the sixth which resulted in him getting pulled. Of course Brian Duensing then proceeded to load the bases and allow a grand slam, putting to bed any realistic chance at a win the Twins may have had.

Forgetting the errors, forgetting DeVries being unable to make a few pitches when he needed to, forgetting the disappointing performance from the bullpen, I'd be remiss if I didn't point out a few of the good things about today's game.

  • Joe Mauer homered, you guys. In the last six games he's raised his average from .265 to .301, his OBP from .379 to .409, and his slugging from .360 to .408. This month alone, Mauer has walked 17 times and struck out just 8.
  • Justin Morneau's two homers today were impressive, particularly the first one: straight away center field. I'm convinced that if center field was 450 feet away, Morneau still would have cleared it by 10 feet. Of course I haven't seen the distance on that home run. It was just awesome, that's what I'm trying to tell you.
  • All three of Justin's hits went for extra bases today, as he also added a double to his season resume.
  • Jeff Gray didn't allow a run? That's good, right?
The good news, overall, is that at least the Twins are playing better of late. Hey, they might not even end up the worst team in baseball this year. Optimism!