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Final Sunday Thoughts and Now Taking Questions

Welcome back, Jeff Manship.
Welcome back, Jeff Manship.

When the Twins claimed Erik Komatsu off waivers from the Cardinals just over three weeks ago, it was largely deemed as another attempt at throwing something at a wall to see if it stuck. After 15 games and a .516 OPS, combined with the return of a performing Ben Revere, there wasn't much room for the versatile, disciplined outfielder. Komatsu hadn't started since the 16th, and only saw game action four times since (for two combined at-bats). He saw the field just once in the last week, and then as a defensive replacement.

With the return of Jeff Manship, the Twins are loading themselves up on pitchers who can fill either starter or bullpen roles. In addition to Manship, Anthony Swarzak, Brian Duensing, Glen Perkins, Francisco Liriano, and Cole DeVries all have relatively recent experience in both departments. Admittedly most of these guys now have rather concrete roles, but when is the last time the Twins had this many pitchers on the active roster who so easily slide into the "swingman" designation?

Gotta Question?

For our next video entry I'd like to try a mailbag-type format, so if you have a question leave it in the comments. Or tweet me, email me, leave it on our Facebook page, text me if you're creepy and can find my number (please don't). Let's leave it an open forum, so while it should probably be Twins related I don't mind if the questions are serious or irreverent or somewhere in between.

Have a good night folks, hope your weekend has been grand. We'll see you tomorrow.