Game 48: Oakland A's (22-26) @ Minnesota Twins (15-32)

So sorry about today's game thread going up so early, but I have tickets to today's game, and I live in downtown St. Paul, and seeing as how I like being there when the gates open, I am leaving shortly after posting this.

Today's game features left hander Scott Diamond (1.78, 3-1) who will be squaring off against fellow southpaw, the Aussie Travis Blackley (4.09 0-0). More after the jump.

The 2012 Oakland Athletics, as a team are hitting .210/.284/.332. A batting line that Trevor Plouffe would kill for, I'm sure. But, the 2012 Twins pitchers are allowing a .289 batting average against and have allowed a league leading 67 home runs. Something has to give.

Seeing as how it's 9:45 as I'm writing this, so lineups are not yet up, but I am sure that someone will put them up when they become available! Happy Memorial Day! Enjoy the game!