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Caption Contest: Wayne Hattaway's Clubhouse Secrets

Getty Images

I was flipping through some of the pictures we have available in our editorial dashboard. As soon as I saw this picture, I just knew we had to use it. Wayne Hattaway is the Clubhouse Manager for the Minnesota Twins. By all accounts he's a great guy, does his job exceptionally well, and is well-liked.

Usually we use these photos to have a little fun at the expense of our favorite team and players, but today I want to try something different: tell us the secrets of Wayne Hattaway. Maybe Carl Pavano only uses Dapper Dan for his mustache, Ryan Doumit eats a raw shark before every game, or Jon Rauch would try to get people to believe he was a vampire....every day.

You tell us: what are Wayne Hattaway's clubhouse secrets? Take it to Twitter if you like, and use the #hattawayclubhousesecrets hash tag.