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No Twins Roster Moves...Yet

I held off on writing anything for this morning's feature because I figured the Twins would be making a minimum of two roster moves for this weekend's series against the Seattle Mariners. Well, it's 8 AM Central Daylight Time on Friday, and all is quiet. So much for that.

The consensus seems to be that the Twins should ship Clete Thomas out and call up Ben Revere, and send Liam Hendriks back to Rochester and see what Scott Diamond can do in the rotation. It's hard to argue that either move will turn the season around, but it's also hard to argue that either move hasn't been earned.

Thomas, after impressing everyone with a long home run in his first game as a Twin, has been remarkable in his ability to strike out, including a run of 15 Ks in 18 ABs. Even Dave Kingman is impressed by that. While giving Ben Revere more time to develop in Triple-A is nice in theory, the stark fact is that the team is 6-18, Thomas can't hit anything, and Revere has the ability to run down fly balls and liners from a pitch-to-hard-HARD-contact staff, arm strength be damned.

As for Hendriks, he's looked overwhelmed in his last few starts, and caused the team to tax an already overworked bullpen. Meanwhile, prior to his most recent start, Diamond has posted excellent numbers at Rochester. Per Josh Whetzel (Red Wings PBP guy), Diamond's next scheduled start has been moved up to today, so if you want to read anything into that, go ahead.

If any moves are made today, we'll let you know.