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Some Twins Opinions You May Use, Without Fear Of Being Unoriginal

Matt Maloney is really going to surprise some people.
Matt Maloney is really going to surprise some people.

One of the hardest things about being a sports fan on the internet is the need to have an Opinion. While it is not required to have an Opinion, it is expected. Sure, you can passively just Read, but to do so ignores all of the great developments that have happened in the field since the advent of sports talk radio. You aren't a Luddite, are you?

The unfortunate thing about an Opinion is that yours is expected to be different from everyone else's; otherwise you will just look like you are regurgitating the Opinions of others. You will be ridiculed for your unoriginality. Lucky for you, I am something of an expert in the latest Opinions - I read lots of them, and I even come up with some for my own personal use. And because I'm so "with it," I can give you some Opinions that absolutely nobody is using right now.

Feel free to use these yourself. I'm not going to, and neither is anyone else.

  • Drew Butera just needs to slow himself down at the plate.
  • Ultimately, Clete Thomas did not get a fair chance in Minnesota.
  • Ryan Doumit is better in right field than anywhere else.
  • Liam Hendriks is going to burst onto the scene like an Australian Fernando Valenzuela.
  • Once Justin Morneau's wrist heals, he'll start being productive.
  • The Twins' strength is their bullpen.
  • You can criticize Alexi Casilla's production, but you can't fault his consistency.
  • Brian Dozier is the last piece of the puzzle.
  • When Nick Blackburn is on his game, he's a real asset.
  • Danny Valencia shows all signs of being just about to turn a corner.
  • The team really misses Luke Hughes' defense.
  • Erik Komatsu is going to make a real difference to this franchise.
  • The front office should trade Carl Pavano, in order to give chances to the potential starting pitchers that are waiting in the wings.
  • It was a good idea for Chris Parmelee to skip Triple-A entirely.
  • Trevor Plouffe has real potential to provide power and defense at a number of different positions.
  • When the Twins' medical staff says Alex Wimmers just needs to rest his UCL tear, we should defer to their judgment.
  • The Twins may be bad, but there is hope for the future in the minor leagues.
  • This team could be a contender in 2013.
  • This team could be a contender in 2014.
  • This team could be a contender in 2015.