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Game 64: Twins vs. Brewers

First Pitch: 1:10 pm CST
Radio: 1500 ESPN
Know Thine Enemy: Brew Crew Ball

I say we rename left field "The Cave," because that's where Plouffe The Magic Dragon has been depositing his collection of baseballs this entire homestand. I'm not going to lie, it's getting to the point where I'm almost expecting him to hit a home run every single at-bat. It's a little irrational, but then again, so is this state's anger towards Joe Mauer.

Liam Hendriks has been recalled for today's start, with Lester Oliveros being sent back down to Triple-A. At least he got in a game, otherwise he came up to the bigs just to collect a couple days' worth of major league salary. Actually, that wouldn't sound all that bad...

I'm working today's game, so someone will need to post the lineups in the comments.


SP Liam Hendriks


SP Michael Fiers (it's pronounced "fires," I guess)