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Twins Trade Rumors: Span, Morneau, Capps, Willingham

"I heard this Canadian team might be interested in me, eh."
"I heard this Canadian team might be interested in me, eh."

Top of the morning! Jon is on assignment today, so I'll be covering his shifts. I'm not as funny as he is. I'm sorry. Let's talk about silly Twins rumors for a few minutes this morning and go over a few notes from this weekend's rumor mill.

  • I'm pretty sure every single team who thinks they might contend this year has "checked in" with the Twins about Josh Willingham. We can probably just leave it at that. Everybody loves Josh. Which sounds like a much better sitcom than the one with that guy with the voice. Can you imagine how that would go? Every time Josh did something silly, which is every episode, instead of learning a valuable lesson about life he'd just look at the offending party and they would cower in fear at his shark eyes. I doubt the parents would make it past episode three.
  • Is it really a surprise that teams might consider Justin Morneau something of a risk? No, it's not, but it's somehow news. That doesn't stop General Managers from dropping the Twins a line, though. If Morneau or Willingham get moved next month it will certainly be a surprise to me, but there's no doubt that Terry Ryan and Rob Antony will be having plenty of telephone conversations about both guys.
  • Ken Rosenthal thinks the Marlins might be interested in Denard Span to help them kick start their offense. After identifying them last week as a possible good fit for Morneau, and knowing that Willingham used to play there, perhaps we could trade for their entire farm system in return for those three players. No?
  • Matt Capps absolutely has trade value. So if this whole shoulder inflammation thing could be nothing serious, that would be perfect.
Stop back later for more off day shenanigans.