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Caption Contest: Gardy and Mastroianni


Gardy: "You could never fill Nick Punto's shoes."


Gardy: "What do you use on that hair? Pro-Viva? Special formula?"
Mastroianni: "Just some butter."


Gardy: "Is she looking at me?"
Mastroianni: "No."
Gardy: "How 'bout now?"
Mastroianni: "No. Wait, which one?"
Gardy: "The one selling the frozen ice."
Mastroianni: ""
Gardy: "She won't stop calling me."
Mastroianni: "Wait, her? Should I even be knowing this?"
Gardy: "'s my wife. Hah! Got you good, Tyner!"
Mastroianni: "Tyn...nevermind. Your wife sells frozen ice at baseball games?"
Gardy: "It's a passion. It's what drew us together, like Tootie-Fruitie flavoring to the bottom of a Styrofoam cup."
Mastroianni: "I'm still not convinced you're not just making this up."
Gardy: "I don't joke. Look at me."
Mastroianni: "I..."
Gardy: "Don't look at me. Look at her. Does she look like I look like I'm joking?"
Mastroianni: "I don't understand anything that happens here..."
Gardy: "Is she looking at me?"