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Battle of the Ballparks, Justin Morneau Has Stopped Drinking Milk, and Other Pressing Concerns

A concerned Joe Mauer.
A concerned Joe Mauer.

Some things shootin' through the ol' internet for you to be aware of:

  • ESPN is currently running a "Battle of the Ballparks" for fans to vote tournament-style for their favorite stadium. Assuming it beat out the A's Coliseum yesterday, Target Field is still in the running to be America's next greatest ballpark. The voting is going per day, so vote now for Target Field, because it's pretty much the best thing going for the Twins and we could actually win.
  • Speaking of great ballparks, the Twins are in Pittsburgh this week set to take on the Pirates at PNC Park, widely considered to be one of, if not the, best ballparks in MLB. Charlie Wilmoth from the Bucs Dugout wrote a series preview and is basically laughing at how bad the Twins' starting rotation is. Hey Charlie, stop picking on us, the Twins are trying their best and having fun!
  • If for some reason you didn't notice, Justin Morneau lost 20 lbs in the off-season and is really skinny now. Joe C reports that Morneau made some major dietary changes in the off-season, which included cutting gluten, sugar, and dairy (!) from his diet. Joe Mauer had no comment.
  • Tyler Mason instagramed this interesting photo of the LNP memorial steps in the Twins dugout recently.
  • Hey! Remember the All-Star Game? An update on the votes was released yesterday, showing just one Twin on the leader board: Josh Willingham Joe Mauer. Mauer is currently in second place for American League catchers, trailing Mike Napoli by about a million votes.
  • Roger Clemens was found not guilty yesterday of lying to Congress about taking steroids back in 2008 when everyone the jury decided they just didn't care about it that much and wanted to go home.