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2012 Twins Draft: Slot Budget Update for Top Ten Rounds

Gardy's already waiting for Byron Buxton.
Gardy's already waiting for Byron Buxton.

Before the draft we discussed some of the new CBA rules as they applied to the Rule 4. The Twins were lucky enough to have the largest budget to spend on signing bonuses to their picks in the first ten rounds. How's that going so far? Let's take a look.

Round Player Slot Sign
1 Byron Buxton $6,200,000 $6,200,000
1-S J.O. Berrios $1,550,000 $1,550,000
1-S Luke Bard $1,227,000 $1,227,000
2 Mason Melotakis $818,500 $750,000
2 J.T. Chargois $712,600 $712,000
3 Adam Walker $490,400 $490,400
4 Zach Jones $356,700 $375,000
5 Tyler Duffey $267,100 $267,000
6 Andre Martinez $200,000 $260,000
7 Jorge Fernandez $150,000 Signed
8 Christian Powell $140,100 $140,000
9 L.J. Mazzilli $130,800 UNISIGNED
10 D.J. Baxendale $125,000 Signed

There's a little bit of uncertainty in a couple of these players, as the announced signing appears to be rounded out rather than exactly slot. Chargois, Duffey, and Powell for example are hundreds away from their bonus, and I'd be surprised if the Twins played hardball over a few hundred dollars.

Two players have come in over slot so far: Zach Jones and Andre Martinez. Mason Melotakis came in well under his slot, although not enough to off set the margin that Jones and Martinez set.

To the best of my knowledge, the only unsigned player from the first ten rounds of the draft for the Twins is L.J. Mazzilli. But with unknown figures for two of the other picks, we're left estimating how the Twins are doing with just 10 of their 13 selections.

Slot Allocation: $11,962,400
Actual Spend: $11,971,400

For all of their picks, Minnesota has $12,368,200 to spend. If Fernandez, Baxendale, and Mazzilli (when he signs) all go for slot, the Twins will dish out another $405,800. Based on their actual spend, this would put the Twins exactly $9000 over their signing bonus allocation.

Fallout for going over budget can get pretty harsh, but for that amount of money it's probably not an issue. At $9000 the Twins' excess is less than a 5% overage, meaning that as we discussed the penalty is 75% on that amount ($6750).

Essentially, if the club does go $9000 over their budget they will pay a total $15,750 for the privilege. Considering the draft is an investment in the future success of the organization, and that the best talent in the draft is likely to be found towards the top, it's money well spent.