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Twins Send Jeff Manship to Rochester and Recall Kyle Waldrop "Just for Something to Do, Man," Says Team

This is a picture of Kyle Waldrop.
This is a picture of Kyle Waldrop.

Following Wednesday's 12-5 loss to the White Sox, the Twins sent pitcher Jeff Manship to Rochester and called up Kyle Waldrop. A team source said the move was made because, "Whatever, gotta do something. Boy, it was a steambath out there today, huh? Man oh man."

Waldrop, who was set to join the team out of spring training before being sidelined with a strained elbow, will replace the struggling Manship in the overworked Twins bullpen. Said the source: "Yeah, we've been hitting the ‘pen real hard all year, and, you know, whatever. Had a day off Thursday, frequent flier miles to's a long season, guy. 162 games? Geez Louise."

Multiple front office sources confirmed that the roster move would give "everyone" something to do on Thursday's scheduled off-day. One said that "the beats (beat writers) need something to write and Tweet about, the bloggers need something to over-analyze to death, and...ah, screw it. It's damn near July, we're a million games under .500, and they blocked most of the cool internet sites on the work computers anyway. You think anyone wants to do some trades? That'd be exciting for a little while, maybe."

Waldrop, who pitched in seven games for the Twins in 2011, expressed excitement over getting his chance to pitch in the majors again. "It's a great opportunity, and I plan on sticking around this time." When told of his response, a member of the field staff said, "Really? We've gotta do something with Rochester around the (All-Star Game) break, keep the blood flowing, you know? I suppose we shoot (Jeff) Gray down there or something, maybe bring Cole DeVries back up. God, I'm so BORED."

Twins General Manager Terry Ryan said the move gives the team "a fresh arm out there, and , yeah, I don't know. Wanna get something to eat? I'm starving. Mexican?"