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Twins Select Orlando Berrios With 32nd Pick Of 2012 MLB Draft

I just like this photo.
I just like this photo.

Orlando Berrios is another prep player, this time a right-handed pitcher out of Papa Juan XIII high school. Here's what the MLB report has on him:

As the spring progressed, few high school arms had more helium than this right-hander from Puerto Rico. A strong "undersized right-hander," Berrios has a compact and sound delivery that produces two potentially plus pitches. He can throw his fastball now in the 93-96 mph range, perhaps even touching a 97 mph at times. He can elevate the fastball when he needs to and can work down in the zone as well, showing good life to the heater when he does. He backs that up with a power breaking ball, around 80 mph, that's an absolute hammer. His changeup is behind the other two, common for pitchers at this level, but he's shown a feel for it, and it has the chance to be a usable third pitch. He's aggressive and throws strikes, for the most part. While he's young, he's mature, both physically and in terms of his mound presence. There isn't much projection -- he's not the type of prep arm who projects to be much more than he is -- but he has more than enough now stuff to draw a lot of attention in the early stages of the Draft.

Interesting that this scouting report says that a high school pitcher isn't project-able. I have to believe that the Twins disagree with this assessment, because nobody throws the 32nd pick at a high school pitcher who essentially is who he is.

We'll see you once more tonight for the Twins' second compensation round selection.