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2012 Trade Value: Should the Twins Have Anyone in the Top 50?

Does anyone on the Twins roster have more trade value than Alcides Escobar?
Does anyone on the Twins roster have more trade value than Alcides Escobar?

It's only two weeks until the trade deadline and again it appears the last place Twins are going to be "sellers". Jesse and others have done a good job of keeping up with trade rumors involving current trade candidates, but what assets do the Twins really have in a potential trade? Once again, Fangraphs contributes to the discussion, as Dave Cameron examines trade values for every Major Leaguer in an attempt to determine which players would generate the most in return for their current club, considering age, contract and past and projected production. Last year, there wasn't a single Twin who made the list, as Evan Longoria, Jose Bautista and Troy Tulowitzki made the top three. So far, only #50-#46 have been revealed:

50. Elvis Andrus

49. Yovani Gallardo

48. Matt Cain

47. Alcides Escobar

46. Robinson Cano

So I ask the Twinkie Town community, do any of you think there's a Twin who could make this list, given these five guys as a "floor" for the list? We've got a $100M+ contract on the list in Matt Cain, does anyone think Joe Mauer has more trade value given his own large contract? With Trevor Plouffe's breakout performance and remaining team control, does he have more trade value than Alcides Escobar or Elvis Andrus? What about an extra year of production from Josh Willingham for less money than Robinson Cano? Where would Denard Span fall? I'm not sure I'd put any Twins in the top 50, but it will depend on how the rest of the list turns out.