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Joe Mauer vs. AJ Pierzynski, Joe Mauer vs. Fans, Joe Mauer vs. Jake Mauer, and Other Twins Topics

The Twins All-Star representatives--in our hearts, at least.
The Twins All-Star representatives--in our hearts, at least.

Some recent Joe Mauer Twins links for you to enjoy:

  • As you've probably heard by now, Joe Mauer is going to the All-Star Game. Not everyone is happy about this, including the ever delightful AJ Pierzynski, who has been quite vocal about his all-star snub. "[Ron Washington] had an opportunity to [put me on the team] and he didn't do it," Pierzynski told reporters after hearing Washington "felt bad" for AJ. "Obviously, he can feel as bad as he wants, but he didn't feel that bad."
  • Joe Mauer had a few choice words for AJ Pierzynski himself during an interview yesterday on ESPN 1500. "[Pierzynski]'s having a great year," Joe said. "We have our voting for players and he was one of the catchers that I picked." After explaining how AJ has always been great to him, Joe really went off. "[AJ] can definitely get under your skin a little bit, but you've just kind of got to look the other way I guess." Tell 'em Joe!
  • Do you have your own question for Joe? Mauer is this week's subject of the #AskATwin FSN Pre-Game show. Shoot him a question on Twitter dot com using that hash tag. Oh, and Robby Incmikoski wants funny ones!
  • Speaking of Joe Mauer, the Bleacher Report has some really interesting ideas on how to get the most value out of Joe.
  • In other news, Jake Mauer recently told the Star Tribune about his managing style and hopes to one day coach in the major leagues. Jake specifically addressed how his leadership style differs from Joe's, explaining, "Well, I'm probably a little more emotional than Joe is, but not a lot." Whew!
  • The Star Tribune had a nice little update last Sunday on how our wayward Japanese infielder is doing down in AAA. The bad news is that Tsuyoshi Nishioka isn't much better at playing baseball. The good news is that he apparently has the best attitude ever.
  • I don't know how I missed this gem from Jim Souhan a couple weeks ago.